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One Word to Describe Enterprise: Mentoring

My name is Erin M. (pictured right with mentor) and I am a Human Resources Coordinator for the Middle Tennessee Region. My one word to describe Enterprise […]

Mentoring program builds future leaders

  Derrick M. was a bright young accounting professional looking to start his career with a successful company that offered opportunities for career growth. He had […]

The making of a mentor

Regional Vice President Inez F. has many accolades associated with her name: She was the first female Branch Manager to oversee Enterprise’s airport operation in Fort […]

Tips to finding an inspirational mentor

Align yourself with positive people. That’s advice James Callaham frequently gives to employees he mentors. It wasn’t long ago that James was a mentee himself, receiving […]

Lesson Learned: Enterprise’s Mentor Program

Chris, a Talent Acquisition Specialist in Tulsa, Oklahoma, gained important insights from his mentor, Mike. Mike, Shared Services Director in Tulsa, mentored Chris for almost a […]

Paying it 4WARD through mentoring

Rik R., Account Executive for Fleet Management in Indianapolis, spends his time outside of work building a different type of enterprise – a nonprofit called 4WARD. […]

5 ways a mentor can help you advance your career

They support you through challenges and new opportunities.  “I was heartbroken after going through several interviews and not landing the job. Linda’s energy picked me up, […]

Navigating Career Success with the Enterprise Mentor Program

Despite their differences, both Victor and Khirah appreciate and value what they’ve learned from one another.

Enterprise People: The legend of ‘Mighty Mouse’ Cat Grey

  Three years ago, if you had asked Stroudsburg, Pa., Truck Branch Manager Cat Grey what her life would look like today, she never would have […]

Enterprise Pictures of Success: Erica Deschamps goes pro with Enterprise

Growing up, I always thought I’d end up with a job that involved golf. While I hoped to golf professionally, I knew I could provide lessons […]

Enterprise Car Sales Rookie of the Year: Francois Jean-Baptiste

Senior Account Executive Francois Jean-Baptiste graduated college in 2006, and — when he couldn’t find a job in his chosen field of accounting — took a sales position […]

Enterprise In the Community: Jason Brown

Once a week, Jason Brown brings a valuable bit of his professional expertise to a classroom setting — working to improve the long-term prospects for a […]

Enterprise Career Path: Brendan Keane turns a summer adventure into a successful UK career

You could say Brendan Keane has made a career out of delivering a little bit more than people expect. The St. Louis native now lives and works in […]